The Role of Gaskets

Gaskets are sandwiched between two components to prevent fluid leakage or mixing. Gaskets are made from rubber, steel or copper. In this way, they withstand extreme temperatures and form a molded seal between engine parts. The gaskets seal the cylinder head and the engine block. There is also a gasket in the intake manifold, the exhaust manifold, the camshaft and above the oil pan. However, there are many situations that cause gaskets to fail.

Excessive engine compression may cause a gasket rupture, which leads to the bubbling, gargling or foaming in the radiator, smoke from the tailpipe and oil seeping into the coolant. Excessive heat, gasket defects or inappropriate torque can all lead to gasket failure. Prevention involves keeping coolant and engine oil at recommended levels to avoid costly engine repairs. When you notice any unusual signs of malfunction or fluid leakage, make a service appointment with a technician at Big O Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM.

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