GAP Coverage

It’s pretty common for someone to owe more on their vehicle after driving it for a while than they originally planned. Due to different factors like depreciation, your vehicle might not be worth as much as you think it is. If something unforeseen happens to your vehicle, the money you receive from your insurance company may not cover the amount you owe.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance might be the answer to your problem. It bridges the gap between how much you still owe on your vehicle and the payout from your insurance company. And, one of the best aspects of it is that it gets rolled into your car payment, which means you’re protected without having to worry about a separate bill.

When to Consider GAP Insurance

  • Purchasing a New Vehicle
  • Purchasing a Lightly Used Vehicle
  • Purchasing an Expensive Vehicle
  • Financing a Large Amount

If you think GAP coverage might be a good fit for you in, our team at Big O Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram would love to help. So stop by 2645 Laurens Road, Greenville, SC 29607 today. We look forward to seeing you.