Perks to buying used

Perks Of Buying Used Cars

If you’re ready to find a vehicle to replace your old one, you might receive advice to buy new. While new cars are fashioned in the latest tech and design, we think there’s also plenty of perks to buying used cars.

Scroll down to see our list of perks of buying used as opposed to new. Whether you’re just browsing your options or ready to make a decision now, hopefully this information is helpful to you long-term.


A great benefit of buying used is economy. Since a used car is lower-priced than its newer counterpart, if you take out a loan, the down payment and monthly payments will be considerably cheaper than they would be for a new car. It’s also more feasible to pay for a used car in one payment, so you won’t have to worry about those pesky monthly car bills. Buying used could mean spending less for more features, or for a nicer model than what you had parked in your garage.

Lower Insurance Rates

Besides low monthly payments, protecting your used vehicle with your insurance agent will be less expensive. Since insurance rates are calculated according to the value of your car, the insurance rates will be much lower on a model a few years older than the ones just parked on the lot.

Slower Depreciation

A new car will exponentially lose its value within the first years of ownership. While this reduction is always present with all cars, it tends to even out after some time. A used car will have already gone through its reduction in value by the time you buy it, so you can pay a great deal less for basically the same car.


Unfortunately, favorite models get discontinued often in automotive production, sometimes even the ones that we love. When you buy used, that problem is less of a concern. You can discover cars with diverse trims or features that may no longer be offered on those models. Options are a great appeal when buying used and you aren’t limited to a single year’s features and trims.

Perks to buying used

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